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SafeNet Launches NSA Certified Type 1 Ethernet Encryptor

New Government-grade Encryption Technology Delivers Advanced Ethernet Security with Improved Performance, Scalability, and Cost Savings

December 07, 2011

SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in data protection, today announced the availability of the company’s Type 1-certified Ethernet Encryptor (TEE).  The first solution of its kind, the TEE secures classified information at Layer 2 up to 10Gbps, the Ethernet transport layer, and can be transparently overlaid onto existing networks, allowing a smooth transition from HAIPE to Ethernet. This new technology for the protection of classified data delivers enhanced performance compared to IP-based solutions for real-time, latency-sensitive and bandwidth-intensive applications. 

  SafeNet’s Ethernet Encryptor, designated as KG-345, dramatically reduces the burden of network security and lowers management costs by simplifying network architectures, streamlining security policy management, and eliminating the data throughput inefficiencies associated with conventional Layer 3 security management. 

  “Targeted attacks are looking to steal sensitive citizen, economic and government information,” said John Pescatore, Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst. “The global nature and increasing bandwidth of government communications require ubiquitous, transparent and scalable encryption and key management capabilities.”  

This technology optimizes the capacity of existing bandwidth by reducing encryption overhead and eliminating burdensome tunneling schemes.  The Type 1-certified Ethernet Encryptor limits disruption of security configuration and network outages which are critical as agencies migrate from IPv4 to IPv6.     

The TEE easily integrates into carrier or agency-owned Ethernet networks, delivering government-grade encryption without impacting operations. The Ethernet encryption device is managed by the SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC).  The SMC provides centralized encryptor management along with tools for rapid deployment, administration, and auditing, making managing thousands of encryptors a simple task.  The SMC further enhances the scalability and cost-effectiveness of encryption by providing a single management platform for SafeNet commercial and classified encryption devices.  

“This technology allows government agencies to take advantage of the same cost-saving properties of Carrier Ethernet that commercial enterprises are enjoying, at an assurance level appropriate for protecting classified data,” said Jim Summers, senior vice president & general manager, Government Data Protection, SafeNet. “Our NSA-certified Type 1 Ethernet Encryptor is another example of SafeNet’s culture of innovation and dedication to providing government-grade encryption solutions to the world’s most security-conscious agencies.”

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