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NetApp Partner Roadshow 2012

November 13, 2012
December 13, 2012
Multiple Locations, United States

Winter 2012 Partner Academy Agenda

  • Big Data Opportunities
    • Analystics: Hadoop
    • Content Respositories with ONTAP and E-Series
    • Vertical Solutions: Media and Entertainment, Oil & Gas, HPC and Healthcare
    • Selling: E-Series based solutions
  • Data Center Opportunities
    • Cisco: Opportunities with FlexPod
    • Applications Modernization
    • Competitive Takeout
  • ONTAP Clustering & Platforms Update
    • Cluster news: FlashPool, Flash Accel, Edge
    • Platforms: Delphi, 6xxx, Big Easy



 November 13th

 Minneapolis, MN    

November 15th   

Toronoto, Canada

November 16th

Ottawa, Canada

November 27th

L.A., CA

November 28th

Tulsa, OK

November 29th

Austin, TX

December 4th

Atlanta, GA

December 6th

Chicago, IL

December 11th

Waltham, MA

December 12th

Philadelphia, PA

December 13th