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Government Cloud Security

The State of Cloud Computing

Government Cloud Security


Government information security practitioners face increased scrutiny on both performance and budget.  Constraints due to slashed budgets, potential governmental shutdowns and a consistent barrage of new threats on sensitive networks, has many concerned for the risks faced by their organization.  Cloud computing raises some pretty vexing questions when it comes to security. Some challenges are shared by most federal agencies.  Today, issues of risk, information/data privacy, and compliance are the chief inhibitors to most federal agencies’ adoption of cloud services in both public and private clouds.  Enforcing security policy, data loss prevention, and multi tenant environments are amongst the greatest reservations about cloud computing.  Therefore, delivering cloud solutions that meet federal tenants’ mission requirements and enable cross-domain/agency information sharing is an invaluable asset. Understanding how to effectively safeguard data in the cloud, federal agencies can begin to fully maximize the potential of cloud offerings to enhance the efficiency of government operations, improve performance, and provide better service to the American people.


  • Securing Government Data in Cloud Environments


  • SafeNet offers a range of solutions that enable organizations to harness the business benefits of cloud services, without making compromises in security. With SafeNet ProtectV solutions, organizations can leverage the cloud for applications that would have previously been off limits from a security standpoint. The SafeNet ProtectV product family features these two solutions:


ProtectV Instance:  ProtectV Instance enables organizations to encrypt and secure entire contents of virtualized machine (VM) images, protecting these assets from theft or exposure.   

ProtectV Volume:    With ProtectV Volume,security teams can encrypt entire storage volumes in remote cloud deployments, ensuring cloud data is isolated and secured—even in shared, multi-tenant cloud environments used for application hosting, data storage, or disaster recovery.


  • ProtectV solutions are built on proven SafeNet technologies, while extending robust security capabilities to the new demands of cloud environments.  SafeNet offers a full suite of integrated products to address the key requirements needed to secure virtual instances:


Data isolation:  With ProtectV, security teams can logically separate the volumes and virtual instances that hold sensitive data from other areas in the environment. In addition, these solutions enable organizations to implement safeguards against potential hackers who might breach cloud hypervisors, and from the cloud super-users who administer the virtual environment.


Separation of duties: ProtectV enables security teams to separate administrative responsibilities for specific instances and volumes from the cloud super-users who control the larger virtual environment. The solution offers controls for ensuring that any one administrator can’t abuse his or her privileges. For example, using approaches like “M of N separation”, organizations can require that multiple administrators must always conduct such critical administrative tasks as policy changes and key export.


Cloud compliance: ProtectV offers the core confidentiality and integrity controls that are key requirements for ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates, including version 2.0 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which includes rules on safeguarding payment data in virtual environments.

Strong pre-launch access authentication.  Featuring password-based protection at the user level, ProtectV enables authentication controls over which resources can be accessed, when, and by whom.


Multi-tenant protection: With ProtectV’s comprehensive, robust capabilities, organizations can ensure that, even in shared, multi-tenant cloud environments, administrators gain the visibility and controls they need to safeguard sensitive assets.


Featuring support for robust encryption algorithms, including FIPS-approved AES 256 and 3DES, ProtectV can be deployed in VMware and Xen virtualized environments, as well as Amazon Web Services clouds.

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