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Antwerp Port Authority

The SafeNet, Adobe, and GlobalSign joint solution allows the Antwerp Port Authority to leverage their IT investments and apply a complaint security solution that guarantees the authenticity and integrity of electronic invoices.

B&H Photo Selects SafeNet for PCI Compliance

Following the implementation of SafeNet's DataSecure, B&H Photo understood the cost-saving benefits by taking a strategic approach to its security strategy, and is now realizing the upstream benefits to encryption—their technological commitment to consumer protection has boosted the value of B&H’s brand and customer loyalty.

Egg Expedites PIN Issuance with SafeNet Solution

Egg plc, the world’s largest online bank, securely issues PINs online to save money, reduce fraud, and improve customer experience with SafeNet’s award-winning ViewPIN+ Web-based PIN management platform.

eSafe Earns an A+ at Rowan-Salisbury

Rowan-Salisbury School District uses eSafe to prevent students from bypassing existing security measures by using anonymous proxy sites and anonymous Web surfing tools.

SMILE Internet Gold Gives Home Subscribers ISP Secure Web Access

SafeNet's eSafe lets ISPs like SMILE Internet Gold provide their home and small business subscribers with affordabletransparent protection against spyware, viruses, Trojan horses, and other on-line threats.

Geocap Replaces FLEXlm with SafeNet Sentinel RMS

Founded in 1998, Geocap AS has more than a decade of experience in providing software and services for the oil and gas industry as well as international maritime institutions.  Geocap replaced FLEXlm with SafeNet Sentinel RMS for improved software license management.

$2.9 Million Saved with eSafe Secure Web Gateway

GRTC Transit System is responsible for the public transportation system serving the greater Richmond, Virginia area. GRTC turned to eSafe to rid their network of unsolicited e-mail spam and protect against the dangers of web surfing.

HASP SRM Provides Robust Software Protection & Flexibility for Applied Flow Technology

Applied Flow Technology needed a secure solution to prevent hacking, reverse engineering and improper usage of their innovative engineering tool.  The answer: SafeNet HASP SRM.

China's Largest CAD/CAM Software Developer Selects SafeNet HASP SRM

CAXA, China's largest CAD/CAM software developer selects SafeNet HASP SRM.

SafeNet Strong Authentication Secures Online Banking at NH Bank, Korea’s Largest Bank

SafeNet strong authentication secures online banking at NH Bank, Korea’s largest bankeToken PRO and iKey secure online transactions and compliance with Korean banking regulations for more than 70,000 bank customers"We see the NH Bank deployment of SafeNet (eToken and iKey)

MedStar eToken PRO Protects Access to Critical Hospital Applications

This SafeNet customer success story focuses on how medical staff and hospital administrators can securely access sensitive MedStar's hospital records from remote computers. 

University of Wisconsin-Madison Secures eMail and Sensitive Files with SafeNet eToken PRO Authenticators

University of Wisconsin Madison Secures eMail and Sensitive Files with SafeNet eToken PRO AuthenticatorseToken PRO provides cost effective strong user authentication and password management for students and staff “We selected Aladdin eToken because of its unparalleled functionality, as well as its