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SafeNet Multi-Domain eXchange (MDeX) System

In today’s data-centric environment, critical information constantly flows between users, devices, data centers, and networks. It’s important that the right people have access to the right data where and when they need it.

SafeNet's assured information sharing and cross domain solution, the MDeX System, securely manages the transfer of voice, video, and data across multi-level security domains. This easy-to-use solution provides secure collection, distribution, dissemination, and delivery of sensitive information so you can quickly share data without worrying that it will fall into the wrong hands.

The MDeX System provides consistent Multi-Level Security services regardless of interface protocols and data content filtering needs. It establishes a stable and verifiable framework in which business and mission managers can implement concurrent yet controlled information flows with various communities of interest and security domains.

Issues the MDeX System Addresses:

Cybersecurity Situational Awareness

Situational analysis demands the integration of high volume, high velocity data from both internal and external sources.  Cross domain messaging tools establish real-time access to intelligence data, events, logs and sensors across multiple enclaves without connecting logical networks.  As government broadens cyber defense support to include private environments, the MDeX System provides the ability to exchange health and status events or alerts for full situational awareness.

Disaster Response

In the event of a disaster, Federal agencies must quickly establish lines of communication with non-government organizations to coordinate response and support services.  State and local police, hospitals, and volunteers providing assistance in the recovery process require open access to intelligence feeds, geospatial services, and communications. The MDeX System delivers low risk and flexible interoperability for intercommunication between these silos greatly increasing the effectiveness of the response teams.

Supply Chain Security

Collaboration with outside partners can often hinder the rapid delivery of mission critical technology and information. With an increasingly globalized supply chain, risks posed by insider threats and corporate and military espionage have become a major concern. The MDeX System facilitates the risk management process by controlling the exchange of intellectual property, contract data, and sensitive system design secrets.

Defense and Intelligence Coordination

As multiple military and civilian agencies create, store, process, and maintain data critical to the nation’s security, cross domain solutions are necessary for timely and secure communications between multiple organizations. The MDeX System provides government agencies a communications solution that offers unprecedented speed, security, and flexibility unlike any of the solutions currently approved for use in these environments. 

Cloud Assurance

Cloud environments often include many user communities each with their own unique security policies and controls.  Without direct physical and logical control of their data, organizations must increase the rigor of the services protecting their information as it moves throughout the cloud.  The MDeX System governs information flows to ensure they meet organizational information sharing policies.

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MDeX System Architecture

  • MDeX Transfer System (MTS): Security core appliance that orchestrates the flow and filtering of information according to customer policies and rule sets
  • Security Domain Intermediary (SDI): Protocol and queuing edge interface between domain applications and MTS
  • Remote Management Station (RMS): Enterprise management appliance for policy and security management, command and control, and monitoring

MTS Appliance

SafeNet information flow engine, Oracle Solaris 10 with Trusted Extensions, Oracle Java, Oracle XACML, SPARC, or x86 platforms

RMS Appliance

SafeNet CDS manager, Oracle Solaris 10, Oracle Java, Oracle MySQL, Splunk, SPARC, or x86 platforms

SDI Applications

SafeNet protocol clients and queue manager, Oracle Java


Splunk is a commercial product integrated into the RMS for event management


Database repository used within the RMS for storing system data


The SDI API allows for legacy or unique application integration with the MDeX System

TIBCO Java Message Service (JMS)

Provided SDI client supports TIBCO’s Enterprise Message Service (EMS) JMS client for message exchanges within enterprise bus architectures. Requires customer to have existing TIBCO EMS Enterprise License


Industry standard access policy interoperability and extensibility so that policy decision points can exist in multiple places. Access policy managed through RMS

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Plug and Play Architecture

The MDeX System’s modular design creates an environment where adding new domains, communities of interest, applications, and content filters requires significantly less custom development compared to most solutions. This gives organizations the flexibility to change their requirements based on mission needs.

Enterprise and Mission Integration

The MDeX System includes enterprise and mission management through its centralized (managing n CDS instances) and distributed (remote accessibility to management platform) capabilities for command and control, monitoring, and management activities.

Ease of Use

The MDeX System’s intuitive GUI for remote management provides a forward-thinking interface to policy and configuration management, and the means to view audit, system, and application events. This user-friendly design enables systems managers to quickly learn MDeX System operations.


The MDeX System includes PK-enabled web access from any authorized location. The MDeX System also provides the ability for enterprise and mission management services to gain accessibility to active cross domain event information to enable proactive data flow management.

Dynamic Policy Enforcement - Real-time Policy Changes with Assurance

Dynamic policy enforcement allows data owners to establish granular information flows and content filtering policies as mission needs dictate using the industry standard, OASIS XACML, security policy language.

The separation of flow and content policies, and use of XACML, enables rapid examination and approval of defined policies by organization authorities.  This allows organization and mission authorities to operate in a coordinated manner to implement policy changes to address changing mission needs.

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