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Storage Security

Organizations today are consolidating data in network storage reducing operating costs and increasing administration productivity. However, those benefits also bring an increased risk of information theft, compelling organizations to add additional layers of storage security to protect their intellectual property and regulated customer data. Explosive growth in data, accelerating trends in virtualization and multi-tenancy, increasingly sophisticated information security breaches, and more stringent government regulations are creating new challenges that must be met by a new types of storage security and storage protection solutions. Such storage encryption solutions must ensure the protection of sensitive information, even from insiders, while maintaining ease of use.


Storage Secure  

StorageSecure is an all-inclusive, secure hardware storage encryption solution that connects to 1Gbe or 10Gbe Ethernet networks over CIFS and NFS and protects shares, folders and files on any NAS filers regardless of vendor. StorageSecure encrypts information based on defined business policies and securely stores the information without impacting ongoing operations or reducing information availability.

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