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SafeNet Cipher Technology Partner Program

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The SafeNet Cipher Technology Partner Program provides technical, marketing, and business development support to vendors that add SafeNet’s solutions to secure their products.

Members of the SafeNet Cipher Technology Partner Program receive recognition for their verified integrations, go-to-market support, and a SafeNet point person. SafeNet uses its resources as a leader in data security to support members in promoting their solutions and satisfying an ever-growing customer base.

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Engage with Us Through Technology

Our partners are essential to customer success. Technology partners work with SafeNet to expand opportunities in the enhanced security marketplace and to forge innovative interoperability relationships. A full line of technical guides and software development kits (SDKs) are available to help with the integration process.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Authentication for Access Control Icon

SafeNet offers industry-leading authentication solutions driven by the broadest range of authenticators with unified management options and multiple integration options. These solutions give partners the tools they need to enhance their solution and provide value to customers. Integration options include:

  • Broad certificate-based / PKI authentication including interfaces for PKCS#11 v2.x, Microsoft CAPI, PC/SC, X.509 v3 certificate storage, SSL v3, Java, IPsec/IKE interfaces
  • Support for RADIUS, SAML, and OATH
  • Cross platform support covering traditional infrastructure (Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile (iOS Android, Microsoft and Blackberry)

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Encryption for Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Virtualization and Cloud Security - ProtectV Cloud Icon

SafeNet ProtectV provides full-drive encryption for virtual machines, instances, and storage containers. This enables organizations to confidently move their sensitive data to the cloud and virtualized data centers.

  • ProtectV Integration – SafeNet’s ProtectV manager provides APIs to automate the entire management process enabling cloud and virtualization migration, orchestration, and management solutions to enable customers to maintain ownership, compliance and control of their data.

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Hardware Security Module (HSM) Service

Hardware Security Modules

SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide reliable protection for identities, transactions, and applications by securing cryptographic keys, as well as provisioning of encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services. Integration options include PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI, CNG, JCA/JCE, and OpenSSL.

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Cryptographic Key Management

Green Key Management Icon

SafeNet KeySecure provides Enterprise Key Management (EKM) from a single, centralized platform for managing cryptographic keys in both SafeNet and partner solution including key generation, key import and export, key rotation, and much more. By working with our partners, we can mutually enable our customers to simultaneously manage keys enterprise wide through a single, centralized key management platform and remove the burden and challenges of key management from our partner’s solutions.

  • KMIP – SafeNet is a leading adopter of the Key Management Interoperability Protocol and a broad adopter of KMIP with our partners.
  • KeySecure also includes APIS for iCAPI, KMIP, PKCS #11, JCE, MSCAPI, and .NET.

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Data Storage Security

Application Security Icon

The DataSecure integration toolkit enables interoperability with SafeNet DataSecure for application, database, mainframe, and file protection, which allows partners who develop customized security solutions to expand their products.

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Benefits of Being a SafeNet Cipher Technology Partner

Dedicated page for increased visibility: Technology Partners receive a dedicated page on SafeNet’s website. The website page includes a description of the integrated SafeNet/Technology Partner solution, as well as links to more detailed information.

Additionally, Technology Partners are provided access to the SafeNet Cipher Partner Portal , where they can update and change information about their companies and solutions.

Technical resources and product discounts: Technology Partners also get access to technical integration requirements as well as discounts for SafeNet products.

Additional benefits are available to program participants at higher membership levels.

Technology Partner Tiers:

  Silver Gold Platinum
RequirementsMaterials, brief written statement, and contact information required to produce a dedicated “Technology Partner” web page.
  • Development and execution of a co-marketing and sales plan.

  • Regularly scheduled meetings tracking progress against plan.

  • Invitation only

  • Strategic partnership

Technical Integration Requirements"Verified"
Proof-of-Integration is provided by either partner or by a third party in the form of an integration document.
  • Integration must be proven and verified by both partners.

  • Integration document must be produced.

  • Integration must be proven and verified by both partners.

  • Integration document must be produced.

Discount Level Product*10%30%TBD
Discount Level NFR*50%50%50%
Discount Level 1 Support*10%10%10%
Discount Level 2 Support*30%30%30%

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Technology Partner Technical Integration Requirements

Verified Integration

“Verified Integration” is achieved by providing documented  proof of integration. This can be provided by either partner (SafeNet or Technology Partner) or by a Third Party in the form of an “integration document” that must contain all of the following:

Orange SafeNet Technology Partner Logo
  • Technology Partner Solution Name and Description

  • SafeNet Solution Name and Description

  • Scope of Integration

  • Supported Platforms and Versions

  • Technical Partner and SafeNet Solution Prerequisites

  • Screen Shot or any Supporting Evidence of Integrated Solution

The “integration document” can come in the following forms:

  • Integration Document

  • A Section within a Comprehensive User Guide or Online Help (SafeNet or Partner’s). All of the following must be provided:

    • A Copy of the Specific Section in Reference to Integrated Solution

    • Reference Information Such as URLs, Page Numbers, or Documentation Names


Certified Integration

Unlike “Verified” integration solution partners, the following is required for “Certified” integrations:

  • Integrated solution must be tested, proven, and verified by the Technology Partner and SafeNet.

  • A standalone and dedicated integration must be produced, edited, and approved by the Technical Partner and SafeNet

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Platinum Partners

Partner NameSafeNet Integrated Solution Type
Amazon Web ServicesHSM, Key Management, Encryption, Authentication
IBMHSM, Authentication, Key Management, Encryption
MicrosoftHSM, Authentication, Key Management, Encryption
NetAppEncrpytion, Key Management

Gold Partners

Partner NameSafeNet Integrated Solution Type
AdobeHSM, Authentication
DropboxEncryption, Key Management, Authentication
EMC  Encryption, Authentication
EntrustHSM, Authentication
F5 NetworksHSM
GoogleAuthentication, Key Management
Hitachi Data SystemsKey Management
Hewlett-Packard Company (HP)Authentication, Encryption, Key Management
OracleHSM, Authentication
Palo Alto NetworksHSM, Authentication
QuantumKey Management
ServiceMeshKey Management
SymantecHSM, Authentication, Key Management
VirtustreamAuthentication, Encryption, Key Management
WatchDoxHSM, Authentication
Xceedium Inc.HSM, Authentication

Silver Partners

Partner NameSafeNet Integrated Solution Type
AlfrescoHSM, Key Management
ApacheHSM, Encryption
BrocadeKey Management
CA TechnologiesHSM
Check Point SoftwareAuthentication
CipherCloudKey Management
Cyber-ArkHSM, Authentication
DellAuthentication, Encryption, Key Management
FalconStorKey Management
HID/ActivIdentityHSM, Authentication, Encryption
IdenTrustAuthentication, HSM
Intercede GroupHSM
Landis & GyrHSM
PerspecsysKey Management
PKWareKey Management
Prime FactorsHSM
RIM/CerticomHSM, Authentication
SepatonKey Management
Skyhigh Networks HSM, Key Management
Venafi, Inc.HSM
ViasatKey Management
VMwareEncryption, Authentication
Zertificon Solutions GmbHHSM
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