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The SafeNet Technology Partner Program has been developed to enable success by delivering the most comprehensive partner support available. Our extensive set of product offerings, a strong, recognizable brand, and a focus on expanding the market for our solutions makes SafeNet the security partner of choice, with the support you need to succeed:




Development Tools

Software Development Kits, technical documentation, testing, validation, and support ensure that you get the answers you need.

NFR Products

Our Not for Resale (NFR) demonstration and evaluation offers specially configured equipment for in-depth testing and evaluation, as well as for real-world demonstrations to end customers.


Developer discounts are available for partners who wish to keep integrated SafeNet product in-house.

Technical Support

Technical resource to assist during integration of the joint solution.

Marketing Tools

Collateral customized for your use and a logo designed to leverage brand awareness help you engage prospects and attract new audiences for your service or solution.

Dedicated Resources

To spearhead our engagement with you and ensure your success with SafeNet product integration, we give you a dedicated SafeNet business development representative. We are there for you every step of the way.

Partner Showcase Public listing on the SafeNet Technology Partner Locator. SafeNet knows that our partners are on of our greatest assets and we are proud to showcase our partnerships at all levels.


Engage with Us through Technology

Our partners are essential to customer success, and the SafeNet Technology Partners are working with SafeNet to expand opportunities in the enhanced security marketplace, to forge innovative interoperability relationships. A full line of integration guides and software development Kits (SDKs) are available to help with the integration process.

Authentication — SafeNet offers industry leading authentication solutions driven by the broadest range of authenticators with unified management options and multiple integration options—providing partners with multiple options to enhance their solution and provide value to mutual customers. Integration options include:

  • Broad certificate-based / PKI authentication including interfaces for PKCS#11 v2.x, Microsoft CAPI, PC/SC, X.509 v3 certificate storage, SSL v3, Java, IPsec/IKE interfaces
  • Support for RADIUS, SAML, and OATH
  • Cross platform support covering traditional infrastructure (Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile (iOS Android, Microsoft and Blackberry)


Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) — SafeNet HSMs provide reliable protection for identities, transactions, and applications by securing cryptographic keys, as well as provisioning of encryption, decryption, authentication, and digital signing services. Integration options include PKCS#11, Microsoft CAPI, CNG, JCA/JCE, and OpenSSL.

Key Management — SafeNet KeySecure provides Enterprise Key Management (EKM) from a single, centralized platform for managing cryptographic keys in both SafeNet and partner solution including key generation, key import and export, key rotation, and much more. By working with our partners, we can mutually enable our customers to simultaneously manage keys enterprise wide through a single, centralized key management platform and remove the burden and challenges of key management from our partner’s solutions.

  • KMIP – SafeNet is a leading adopter of the Key Management Interoperability Protocol, and a broad adopter of KMIP with our partners.
  • KeySecure also includes APIS for iCAPI, KMIP, PKCS #11, JCE, MSCAPI, and .NET.


Virtual Machine / Instance Encryption — SafeNet ProtectV provides the first comprehensive high-assurance solution for securing both virtual machines, instances and storage containers in cloud and virtualized infrastructure.

  • ProtectV Integration – SafeNet’s ProtectV manager provides APIs to automate the entire management process enabling cloud and virtualization migration, orchestration and management solutions to enable their customers to maintain ownership, compliance and control of their data.


DataSecure — The DataSecure Integration Toolkit enables interoperability with SafeNet DataSecure for application, database, mainframe, and file protection, allowing partners who develop customized security solutions to expand their products.


Partnering Steps to Success

SafeNet Technology Partners provide their clients with the security they expect from their solution providers, enabling protection of sensitive data wherever it resides. Once integrated and deployed, SafeNet joint solutions with partners provide the most comprehensive and effective application, control, and management of data encryption across the enterprise.

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