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eSafe Email Security Gateway

Email Security Gateway

Email security gateways are constantly exposed to evolving threats. Whether these threats come in the form of spam, phishing attempts, spyware, malware, data leakage, or other content related risks, companies must be alert and rapidly adapt in order to guarantee incoming and outgoing traffic through its mail gateways is secure.

eSafe’s Email Security Gateway uses a dual anti-spam engine with real-time reputation and deep content analysis to block spam and virus outbreaks with more than 99% detection rate. It also includes a user self managed spam quarantine.

Dual anti-virus engine with proactive and signature based detection block viruses, spyware and malware enabling administrators will be able to assign granular security and spam policies to LDAP/AD users and groups employing email encryption.

Outbound emails and attachments are inspected to allow granular policy enforcement, preventing leakage of sensitive information. Administrators can create data leak prevention policies for LDAP/AD users and groups.

eSafe Modules for Mail Security Gateway

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Checkmark Anti Spam – premium certifications, blocks more than 99% spam.

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