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eSafe Security - Anti Malware, Anti Spyware and Anti Virus

Security - Anti Malware, Anti Spyware and Anti Virus

eSafe's security modules use multiple technologies to protect your network and emails from malicious code, spyware, and attempts to exploit web applications vulnerabilities that lead to malware infection.

Unlike other solutions that focus mainly on inspecting downloadable files for viruses, eSafe provides (with the Kaspersky engine) malweb detection (specific web malware). Malweb is hidden within standard web content and is designed to exploit various vulnerabilities on Internet-enabled applications, such as browsers, browser plug-ins, and any other application that interacts with the web.

eSafe is able to proactively detect attempts to exploit those vulnerabilities before they are actually penetrated, rather than detecting malware that is being downloaded as a result of the exploitation.

eSafe's dual engine provides double security.  The proactive security engine uses multi-layer deep code inspection analysis to effectively block zero-day threats, while the signature-based engine (Kaspersky) relies on timely updates to effectively block known viruses.

eSafe supports all MS Office files and archive file types, prevents spyware from sending out confidential information, and is automatically updated every hour to maintain the most up-to-date security available.



  • Dual anti-virus engine
  • Supports all MS Office files
  • Supports all archive file types
  • Automatic hourly update
  • Web Active-content analysis technology
  • Smart Script filtering
  • Obfuscation detection
  • Detects and block known spyware files and sites
  • Blocks spyware communication channels and protocols
  • Prevents spyware from sending out confidential information


  • High virus detection rate with "second opinion" using Kaspersky AV engine
  • Increase security and prevent leakage of personal, confidential or sensitive information
  • Ensure high security standards by inspecting ALL 100% of web, HTML email and FTP traffic
  • Prevent infection through exploitation of security vulnerabilities

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