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What's New in Sentinel HASP 5.10?

Sentinel HASP is more comprehensive and offers even more options to fit your needs – regardless of platform.

What's New in Sentinel HASP 5.0?

Sentinel HASP is the First and Only Protection and Licensing Solution to Support Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Applications

Sentinel HASP is the first and only software licensing solution on the market that provides Method-level protection against reverse engineering of your highly-vulnerable Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications. Sentinel HASP automatically encrypts and hides your valuable intellectual property from both static code analysis and real-time debugging.

Combining automatic encryption and native code obfuscation, the HASP Envelope technology ensures your Java applications are no longer susceptible to decompiling and run-time modification.

Featuring granular Method-level protection and licensing without the need to implement licensing calls, The HASP Envelope provides superior intellectual property protection that is further hardened by locking to SafeNet’s industry-leading HASP HL or HASP SL protection and license enforcement keys.

Sentinel HASP 5.1 Also Adds Support for a Host of Additional Platforms Including:

  • Envelope support for .NET Framework 4 and 64-bit environments - If your software is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or 64-bit programming environments you can now take advantage of the strong intellectual property protection that Sentinel HASP Envelope has to offer.  Use the Envelope to automatically obfuscate and encrypt application code and protect your trade secrets from reverse engineering and theft.
  • Vendor Suite support for 64-bit environments -  The Sentinel HASP Vendor Suite now supports 64-bit programming environments – providing you the tools to quickly and easily implement strong copy protection, intellectual property protection, and flexible licensing & enforcement.
  • DataHASP support for .NET and Windows x64 applications - The DataHASP tool now supports protection of application data files used in conjunction with your .NET and Windows x64 applications.
  • HASP HL keys now with support for:
    • Wine
    • OpenSuSE 11 & SuSE Linux Enterprise 11
    • Ubuntu/DEB
  • HASP SL keys now with support for:
    • Snow Leopard Mac OSX 10.6 64-Bit
    • Windows Embedded Standard (WES) 7 
  • Added support for virtual environments - In addition to an already-robust list of virtual environments supported, HASP 5.1 now gives you complete control and the power to choose how your software behaves in ESX/ESXi virtual environments. 

There has never been a better time to upgrade!

If you're not a Sentinel HASP user, try Sentinel HASP v5.1 for FREE now!

If you're a Sentinel HASP user, Upgrade for FREE today!


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