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Securing Electronic Health Records Storage - White Paper

While HITECH provides ample incentives for healthcare organizations to employ EHR systems, it also builds on HIPAA to provide more stringent security and privacy rules.

Dexia Sofaxis - KeySecure, ProtectDB - Case Study

Combined with SafeNet KeySecure for security policy and key management, ProtectDB (part of the Crypto Operations Upgrade Pack) enables Dexia Sofaxis to encrypt all the data stored in databases so that sensitive insurance information is only visible to authorized users. It also ensured the company complies with data protection laws and regulations, enabling Dexia to rapidly generate new business.

Hitachi Data Systems and SafeNet - Use Case

Many organizations live and die by their data. A host of problems, from legal issues to government penalties, may be at stake if an organization’s data is stolen. If your organization secures data access against unauthorized use through encryption technologies, you’ve already taken some important steps to mitigate those risks.

Own and Manage Your Own Encryption Keys White Paper

This white paper discusses the importance of data encryption, the vulnerabilities of third-party encryption, the necessity of encryption key ownership, and how all of it affects the security of your company’s data stored in the cloud.

eToken PRO Smartcard - Product Brief

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