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CryptoFoundation - How To Guide

Aside from implementing a strong method of encryption, it’s crucial that your encryption keys are treated with the same level of circumspection. Once data is encrypted, the only way to gain access again is by decrypting or unlocking secret content using the key. Haphazardly protecting these keys negates the entire process of encryption and creates a false sense of security. Therefore, the security deployment should utilize best practices for both encryption, as well as key management—creating a Crypto Foundation.

Encryption as a Shared Service - White Paper

Move past silo-constrained encryption and begin to deploy encryption as a shared service centrally, uniformly, and at scale across the enterprise. To counter the encryption challenges faced by organizations today, enable your IT teams to offer enterprise-wide centralized key management, encryption, and tokenization, including auditing and compliance capabilities, as a shared service. Provide your organization unmatched coverage—securing databases, applications, file servers, and storage in the traditional data center, virtualized environments, and the cloud, and as the data moves between these different environments; and the critical key management needed to effectively and efficiently enable protection across the enterprise. With SafeNet, organizations can apply data protection where they need it, when they need it, and how they need it—according to the unique needs of their business.

Securing File Data Storage - White Paper

For security teams looking to secure file data in storage, there are a plethora of choices available, and each has its specific set of strengths and limitations. This paper offers a comprehensive look at the choices available, outlines the key criteria to consider in evaluating these options, and delivers some best practices that security teams can apply to help ensure their specific encryption deployments meet primary objectives.

Maximizing Security of Web Applications - White Paper

Today, Java applications are at the center of many of our online interactions—and they are also the focus of a significant amount of cyber-attacks. This paper examines the security gaps in Java applications that are leaving many organizations vulnerable, and it details how SafeNet Luna SP can help organizations address these gaps.

Crypto101 - What about the Cryptographic keys - ebook

A Crypto Foundation is a centralized approach taken to secure different types of data in multiple environments, combined with the management and maintenance of keys and crypto resources.

Dell Compellent and SafeNet KeySecure - Use Case

Data and intellectual property are at the heart of every successful business operation. If data is insufficiently secured, organizations risk their reputation, the confidence of their customers, and the core resources of their business. Encryption solutions add a layer of protection around valuable data-at-rest to complement the typical security measures designed to prevent unauthorized intrusion. Although encryption secures data from the unauthorized copying of files or the stealing of disk drives from the storage environment, if encryption keys fall into the wrong hands, secured data can still be vulnerable.

SafeNet Authentication Service: Agent for Microsoft Outlook Web Access 2007-2010-2013 Configuration Guide

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