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eToken and PGP Desktop Integration Guide

This guide describes the integration and use of PGP Desktop 10.1 with eToken and SAC 8.0 SP1 in hard-disk encrypted mode using preboot authentication.

Oracle Secure Desktop Using SAM for RADIUS Authentication Integration Guide

This document provides guidance for setting up and managing SafeNet Authentication Manager (SAM) to protect Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) using RADIUS OTP authentication.

SAM 8_0 SP2 Deployment at AWS Integration Guide

This guide provides basic configuration information required to securely deploy SAM 8.0 SP2 in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This guide introduces the AWS feature Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which enables communication with a home network over an IPSec VPN tunnel.

This guide uses the AWS Management Console to perform Amazon VPC tasks, such as creating virtual private clouds, subnets, and gateways. The console is similar to the Amazon EC2 interface. In addition, Amazon EC2 and Amazon VPC functionality are offered on different tabs in the same AWS Management console.

Crypto Operations Upgrade Pack - Product Brief

In conjunction with SafeNet KeySecure for security policy and key management, SafeNet’s Crypto Operations Upgrade Pack (Crypto Pack) enables KeySecure to be used for encryption of structured or unstructured sensitive enterprise data residing in a server in the data center (physical, virtual, or cloud-based) or in the distributed enterprise.

ProtectFile - Hadoop - Solution Brief

From large enterprises to start-ups and small businesses, companies of every size are generating more data than ever before. In fact, IDC recently reported the global volume of data will grow by a factor of 300—from 130 to 40,000 exabytes—between the years 2005 to 2020.

Securing Sensitive Data in VCE - ProtectV - White Paper

Companies are increasingly attracted to the unparalleled benefits that virtual data centers and cloud environments offer.

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