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Westcon Shipyard Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service - Case Study

Westcon requires robust authentication to support 700 users with remote network access. A switch to SafeNet Authentication Service improved reliability and cost.

Police Department Addresses CJIS Compliance with Gemalto Strong Authentication

To address its security policies and comply with CJIS mandates, a large US metropolitan police department used Gemalto solutions to institute more robust authentication for police officers and other remote staff.

Gemalto Secures Subscription Television Broadcasts

A large television provider selected Gemalto solutions to encrypt and decrypt its live TV broadcasts, as well as encrypt communications between multiple data centers.

Petroleum Development Oman - Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service - Case Study

Petroleum Development Oman requires off-site employees to use two-factor authentication to access sensitive corporate resources. The oil and gas company first deployed SafeWord tokens, and recently upgraded 3500 users to Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service – a user-friendly solution with enhanced reporting and management.

University of Texas at Austin - Luna SP - Case Study

The Information Security Office at the University of Texas at Austin needed a robust hardware security module (HSM) that met stringent security demands and application requirements—and Gemalto SafeNet Luna SP platforms were up to the task.

Swedish National Board of Healthcare - Luna SA HSM - Case Study

The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare selected Gemalto when it wanted to take a proactive approach to implementing a secure and unified identity and access management solution that would also provide increased security for sensitive medical professional and patient information.

NASDAQ OMX - HSM - Case Study

To deliver a cloud solution that is viable for the financial services market, NASDAQ OMX needed to ensure a host of stringent security policies and compliance mandates would be addressed.

By leveraging Gemalto HSMs, NASDAQ OMX has been able to provide maximum security of the cryptographic keys used to encrypt customer data.

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