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Arab Bank - eToken NG-OTP - Case Study

To ensure absolute security of customer data and fi nancial accounts, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. relies on SafeNet eToken certifi cate-based twofactor authentication for digital and physical access.

Payfair - Luna EFT - Case Study

PayFair manages transactions for millions of credit cards across Europe, and relies on SafeNet’s Luna EFT Hardware Security Modules to ensure compliance, provide identity assurance, and ensure data integrity - while easily managing and auditing operations, users, and roles.

Tutuka - Luna EFT, KeySecure - Case Study

With SafeNet Luna EFT Hardware Security modules and KeySecure, Tutuka is able to encrypt credit card data in Microsoft SQL database and implement a secure PIN generation and validation solution, as well as achieve PCI DSS and EMV compliance and lower their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Nippon Registry Authentication - eToken - Case Study

Nippon Registry Authentication created a solution enabling cloud providers to secure access to cloud-based applications and assets using integrated PKI authentication. The company turned to SafeNet certificate-based authentication tokens to increase user’s flexibility to access valuable assets from multiple devices.

BancNet - Luna EFT - Case Study

BancNet reaches out to more banks via ATM Outsourcing secured by SafeNet

NASDAQ OMX - HSM - Case Study

NASDAQ OMX created the first cloud computing platform designed for the financial services industry, FinQloud, which leverages the cost and agility benefits of the cloud, while at the same time ensuring it meets the security, privacy, and regulatory demands of the industry. NASDAQ OMX relies on SafeNet HSMs to store and protect the cryptographic keys used to support the encryption of all sensitive customer data managed within its FinQloud platform.

NH Bank - eToken PRO - Case Study

NH Bank has successfully deployed more than 50,000 eToken PRO, and iKey certifi cate-based authenticators as well as eToken PKI middleware to its customers. SafeNet authenticators were chosen for their standardized support of the KISA regulation which ensured smooth deployment and uninterrupted online services...

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