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Mercury Insurance with SafeNet KeySecure - Case Study

Encrypting data in legacy and proprietary systems can be a complicated undertaking, but SafeNet was up to the challenge. KeySecure, in conjunction with ProtectApp and SafeNet Tokenization Manager, enabled Mercury to secure high-value data, centralize key management, and maintain the high performance required to run a successful business.

Horizon Youth Care and Education - SAS - Case Study

To effectively serve troubled youth and their families, employees at Horizon Youth Care and Education need timely access to the best information. However, they also have an obligation to keep sensitive client information private. Horizon Youth Care and Education turned to their existing ICT provider WebLimits to deploy SafeNet Authentication Service to help secure employee remote access.

Civil Engineering Company - SAS - Case Study

This forward-thinking civil engineering and construction corporation replaced RSA SecurID with SafeNet Authentication Service to easily control employee, sub-contractor, and partner access to sensitive project resources. SAS's Active Directory integration and automated features save the company time and resources.

Dexia Sofaxis - KeySecure, ProtectDB - Case Study

Combined with SafeNet KeySecure for security policy and key management, ProtectDB (part of the Crypto Operations Upgrade Pack) enables Dexia Sofaxis to encrypt all the data stored in databases so that sensitive insurance information is only visible to authorized users. It also ensured the company complies with data protection laws and regulations, enabling Dexia to rapidly generate new business.

PayU - KeySecure - Case Study

As an innovator in the online payment market, PayU set out to streamline the online purchase process. SafeNet KeySecure with the Crypto Operations Upgrade Pack (Crypto Pack) helps PayU India deliver convenient online payment services, while optimizing data and transaction security, and enabling compliance.

The Logic Group - Luna EFT - Case Study

The Logic Group is a leading provider of multichannel payments and customer loyalty solutions to large corporate organisations in Europe. Because of SafeNet’s Luna EFT HSMs, The Logic Group’s entire Point-to-Point Encryption solution received PCI SSC validation, and delivered a solution that offered customers maximum security.

Credit Card Centre AG - Luna EFT - Case Study

As the Credit Card Centre AG (CCC) sought to extend its business into the petrochemical industry, they needed to comply with new industry standards. CCC turned to Infraxis to coordinate the solutions they needed, including SafeNet's Luna EFT hardware security module, enabling them to boost their competitive position and be the first to market with an IFSF-compliant solution.

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