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Luna SA 5.2 - Product Brief

ProtectFile - Product Brief

SafeNet ProtectFile ensures sensitive data-at-rest on servers in the distributed enterprise is protected with transparent and automated file-system level encryption, granular access controls, centralized policy and key management, and comprehensive auditing capabilities.

SafeNet Authentication Service - Product Brief

1 SafeNet Authentication Service Authentication SERVICE Choosing the right authentication solution is critical in reducing the risks your business faces. Naturally, the best solutions have the widest range of tokens, and can protect both cloud and local applications, as well as any network access devices. But the choic

GrIDsure Authentication - Product Brief

Providing unparalleled convenience to end users and simple deployment to IT staff, GrIDsure is a pattern-based authentication solution that overcomes the weakness of passwords without the need for software to be installed or hardware to be provisioned.

SafeNet KeySecure - Product Brief

1 SafeNet KeySecure Product Brief Enterprise Key Lifecycle Management • Consolidated key security policies across multiple disparate encryption systems • Automated, centralized key generation, storage, rotation, and expiration policies • Separation of duties through individual or group level authorization, and defined

CM7 Network-Manager - Product Brief

CM7 (CypherManager™) Network Manager is an encryptor management platform.

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