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Security Management Center (SMC) - Product Brief

SafeNet Security Management Center (SMC) from Gemalto redefines enterprise network security management with a robust, Web-based management platform that authenticates any number of SafeNet high speed encryptors deployed on the network.

ProtectServer Internal Express 2 - Product Brief

Gemalto SafeNet ProtectServer Internal-Express provides tamper-protected hardware security for server systems and applications that require high-performance symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic operations.

ProtectServer External2 - Product Brief

Gemalto SafeNet ProtectServer External 2 is a security hardened network crypto server designed to protect cryptographic keys against compromise, while providing encryption, signing and authentication services to security sensitive applications.

SafeNet Encryptors at a Glance - CN6000_CN4000 - Product Brief

The table sets out the CN6000 and CN4000 Series high speed encryptor models and their comparative features. Their market-leading features are summarized to enable easy comparison and identification.

SafeNet Virtual KeySecure - Product Brief

Organizations rely on encrypting their data as a primary means of protecting it from unauthorized use. An essential part of this process involves creating and managing encryption keys in multiple places, including small- and medium-sized installations and remote locations requiring encryption for data at rest. Many customers are looking for a solution to manage these instances; however, the up-front cost of hardware key management appliances does not fit some budgets.

StorageSecure - Product Brief

Explosive growth in data, virtualization, and multi-tenancy, combined with increasingly sophisticated security breaches and more stringent government regulations, is creating new challenges for enterprise storage security.

Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV - Product Brief

SafeNet ProtectV provides full disk encryption of virtual instances so you can securely migrate even your most sensitive and highly regulated data to the cloud or a virtual data center. With SafeNet ProtectV’s unified encryption and control access, you can improve your business agility and lower costs inherent in virtual environments. In addition, your organization can be safe knowing that you retain access to and control of your encrypted data and keys at all times.

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