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Secure the AWS Cloud with SafeNet Solutions - eBook

While cloud storage offers customers increased flexibility and availability as well as decreased costs, data owners must be able to demonstrate compliance and illustrate control of sensitive information stored in the cloud. As data owners, organizations are often required to prove that they can meet compliance requirements and keep safe sensitive data stored in cloud environments such as credit card numbers, health records, or other personally identifiable information. The question is: how?

Ethernet WAN Encryption Solution Compared - White Paper

This White Paper describes the comparative security and performance benefits of Ethernet WAN data security solutions. We compare the benefits of Gemalto SafeNet Layer 2 high speed encryption hardware with integrated encryption using MACsec or TrustSec.

Best Practices for Credential Management - White Paper

When deploying a solution in which cryptographic keys are stored in, and never exist in the clear outside of, a secure hardware platform, a question commonly asked is “How does one protect the credentials that are used to access and use the keys within the hardware?”

Payment Card Security - White Paper

With the rising incidence of threats to consumer data, and increasing requirements to protect that data, merchants must focus on their security infrastructure. Regulations have been implemented not only by the state and federal governments, but by the credit card industry as well. Companies are compelled to prove their compliance with these regulations and will be held liable for their failure to do so. While these rules focus on protecting the consumer, they also serve as protection for the merchant, as security breaches can have a far-reaching impact to both a company’s finances and reputation.

A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Data with Database Encryption

Today’s enterprise security teams are being tasked with supporting a rapid expansion of database encryption use cases. This paper offers a detailed look at why the demand for database encryption is growing more critical and more challenging to contend with. The paper offers an overview of the key approaches required to address this increased demand, and it outlines the different types of encryption approaches—helping managers ensure they’re using the right tools for the right purposes. Finally, this paper offers a look at Gemalto’s portfolio of SafeNet Data Protection solutions, and reveals how these solutions enable security teams to address their database security objectives in an efficient, holistic manner.

Topics covered:

  • Why the Demand for Database Encryption is Growing, and Growing More Difficult

  • Determining How to Encrypt Database Data

  • Solutions for Protecting Select Columns in Databases

  • Solutions for Protecting the Entire Database File

  • Robust, Centralized Enterprise Key Management

Own and Manage Your Encryption Keys - White Paper

For business leaders and IT administrators responsible for the security of enterprise data—from the most basic customer statistics to top-secret company documents—understanding the role of encryption and the management of encryption keys plays is vital to keeping confidential data just that—confidential.

Profiting from SafeNet Auth Service Offerings - White Paper

Will the proliferation of cloud computing models help or hurt your service business? Will the cloud reduce your professional services revenues—or open up new revenue streams? Now, you can capitalize on the opportunities presented by the cloud, and profit from—rather than be the victim of—this emerging computing paradigm. This paper shows how service providers can leverage the SafeNet Authentication Service solution, so they can deliver new cloud offerings, strengthen customer relationships, and boost revenues and profits.

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