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How to Become EPCS Compliant with SafeNet Authentication - White Paper

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Management Guide Book

VPN - When Virtual Security is Not Enough - Technical White Paper

Most service providers’ Virtual Private Network (VPN) security delivers little more than a promise to keep each customer’s data separated across a shared infrastructure.

The Threat to your Manufacturing Ecosystem - White Paper

To get their products to market, today’s manufacturers leverage an increasingly distributed mix of third-party vendors and partners. While these distributed ecosystems have yielded improved agility, innovation, and profits, they’ve also introduced significant risks to the security of sensitive information

The Current State of Encryption and Key Management - White Paper

While encryption has been employed for decades, much has changed recently, and more change is sure to come. In recent years, the use of encryption has continued to increase, but so too have the number and scope of threats.

Software based Encryption vs Hardware based Encryption - White Paper

Software-based encryption solutions use a distributed key storage mechanism: keys are stored on the application and database servers on which the data to be encrypted resides. In the simplest case, where only one database server exists, key management is modestly simple.

Securing Seismic Images in Storage - White Paper

Energy and petrochemical companies manage vast amounts of sensitive data, and as news reports continue to make clear, these assets are too often exposed to compromise. For criminal organizations, nation-states, and malicious insiders, storage systems in energy and petrochemical companies represent a prime target—a central repository that can hold copies of virtually all sensitive files, including seismic images, financial and legal records, and other critical intellectual property.

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