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Assessing the True Cost of Strong Authentication - White Paper

Many organizations rarely look closely at the Total Cost of Operation of their authentication solution and instead make a decision heavily driven by the up-front purchase price.

Time versus Event Based One-Time Passwords - White Paper

In this document we compare the two main approaches to onetime passwords (OTP): time-based OTP and event-based OTP. Our main conclusion is that they are very similar from both a security and usability perspective (with each having slight advantages of a different nature).

High Speed Encryption Across MPLS Networks - Technical White Paper

SafeNet High Speed Encryptors (HSEs) from Gemalto are certified layer 2 encryption devices that provide confidentiality and optional authentication of information that is transmitted across communication networks.

SafeNet Security Enhancements for IBM Solutions - eBook

Secure Code Signing: Leveraging HSMs to Protect Your Business - White Paper

This paper looks at the critical nature of code signing and how hardware security modules (HSMs) can be used to protect the keys that underpin the code signing environment.

Network Metadata: Why Your Organization is Exposed and What to Do About It - White Paper

Unshare and Secure Sensitive Data: Encrypt Everything - eBook

We live in a world of sharing, and sometimes we share a little more than we should. Of course, we’re not only referring to social media posts here; this also includes what is happening with your corporate data assets too.

With your organization’s sensitive data being stored, sliced and diced, and shared more than ever before, you must have a way to keep it safe, especially in cloud and multi-tenant environments. Approved users and processes need to be able to leverage the data that’s available, while you ensure any high-value, sensitive information, such as intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and company financials, remains on lock down wherever it resides. 

We call this unsharing your data, and in our free ebook, we outline the steps enterprises need to follow to unshare and protect your sensitive data. Read it today to learn the must-follow enterprise encryption best practices!

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