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Securing Sensitive Data in VCE - ProtectV - White Paper

Companies are increasingly attracted to the unparalleled benefits that virtual data centers and cloud environments offer.

Authentication Best Practices - White Paper

A significant number of high profile security breaches have occurred recently, bringing the organizations affected to the front pages of the business press. These events have had a negative impact on the public image of these companies, and may also have a harmful effect on their business. These incidents have caused the CIOs of many companies to reevaluate their info-security strategy in general, while also placing specific focus on their user authentication and transaction security requirements.

Complying Payment Card Industry Data Security - White Paper

Complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - White Paper

For retailers, financial institutions, payment processors, and a range of other organizations that store or access payment card information, compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a critical mandate.

Benefits of Migrating to StorageSecure - White Paper

In 2011, NetApp announced the end of availability of NetApp DataFort systems. As a result, DataFort customers will have some choices to make as to how they move forward.

Understanding Layer-2 Encryption - White Paper

SafeNet CN high speed network data encryption devices are purpose built hardware appliances that secure data transmitted across Layer 2 networks.

Survey of Authentication Technologies - White Paper

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