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HSMs for eInvoicing - Solution Brief

Trust is a critical requirement for the feasibility of eDocuments. Digital signatures, powered by encryption and public key infrastructure (PKI), represent the means for establishing trust in eDocuments. Digital signatures give all parties the confi dence required to trust that documents come from known entities, and that they have not been altered in transit. In turn, these digital signatures need to have foolproof, comprehensive security mechanisms to protect them: If digital signatures are in any way compromised, the entire eDocument infrastructure will be compromised. This is where hardware security modules (HSMs) come into play.

Mainframe Encryption and Key Management with PKWARE and Gemalto

PKWARE mainframe encryption couples with Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure key management appliance to offer an enterprise class security solution for IBM Mainframe z/OS operating environments.

Securing Sensitive Data in MongoDB Databases - Solution Brief

MongoDB and Gemalto offer customers a simple, consolidated, and secure approach to the challenges posed to business in the era of Big Data.

Secure Your Network Traffic with F5 BIGIP and SafeNet Luna SA - Solution Brief

SafeNet ensures that the network activity managed by BIG-IP occurs in tunnels secured by robust encryption and server authentication.

Dell Compellent and SafeNet KeySecure Key Management for Dell Self-encrypting Drives - Solution Brief

Strong Authentication for AWS Management Console with SafeNet IDProve - Product Brief

SafeNet IDProve is a zero footprint, OTP hardware token that offers AWS Management Console users an additional layer of identity validation to their username and password combinations.

Visa Data Security with SafeNet Payment HSM - Solution Brief

Gemalto’s SafeNet Payment HSM integrates with Visa Data Secure Platform (DSP) in both of the DSP operation modes to ensure the integrity of the encryption used to securely transmit customer data to Visa and between banks.

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