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Adding Security Intelligence to EKM - IBM Security QRadar and SafeNet KeySecure - Solution Brief

Modern networks have become so large and complex that they produce billions of data points daily and are increasingly difficult to protect. Encryption protects data in the event of a security breach but remains only as secure as the management surrounding the cryptographic keys.

StorageSecure--IBM-NSeries - Solution Brief

Today, it is common to find that organizations are consolidating their data in network storage environments as either traditional in-house or private cloud deployments to reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Secure Your Network Traffic with F5 BIGIP and SafeNet Luna SA - Solution Brief

Downtime for corporate applications delivered through networks is not an option. Since organizations use these applications to generate revenue and manage operations, disruption and compromise directly impacts the bottom line.

SafeNet StorageSecure and NDMP Environments - Solution Brief

Today, many organizations have embraced storage management solutions based on the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). NDMP-compliant solutions provide strong access controls by separating the flow of backup and restore control information from the flow of data to and from backup media.

SafeNet Authentication with Citrix XenApp - Solution Brief

The virtualization of essential enterprise applications allows organizations to deliver, from their data center, any application to any user, while managing access policies and software updates from a single, central location.

KeySecure and NetApp: Securing Network-attached Storage - Solution Brief

Today’s enterprise often finds itself needing to manage several encryption solutions that have proliferated across multiple tiers and vendor platforms; and that have been deployed within primary, secondary, and even cloud-based data centers.

Implementing Strong Auth for Office 365 with SafeNet Auth Service - Solution Brief

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