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SafeNet and Bio-key - SAS - Solution Brief

In work environments where employees are required to be mobile but need access to especially sensitive information, such as healthcare or academic records, enforcing authentication can be a challenge.

ProtectFile - Hadoop - Solution Brief

Authenticated Network Access - F5 BIG-IP APM - Solution Brief

Today, employees, partners, and customers need to access corporate applications and data at all times and from any location, whether they are inside or outside the traditional security perimeter.

Securing XIV Storage - KeySecure - Solution Brief

In the era of Big Data, organizations collect more data points than ever before. Often, organizations will store these data points because of regulatory concerns or because they hope to mine them in a way that is useful to business operations.

SafeNet eToken 7300 Flash-Drives with Ceedo

Deploy and centrally manage Two Factor Authentication encrypted SafeNet eToken 7300 flash-drives with secure plug-'n'-play environment running sandboxed computing environments equipped with secure connection and safe browsing applications such as Citrix Receiver, hardened browser, access control and more.

Encrypting Data in Cloud Skyhigh and KeySecure - Solution Brief

Encrypting Data in the Cloud: Skyhigh Secure and SafeNet KeySecure Solution Brief Cloud-based services are helping organizations operate more easily and more efficiently than ever before.

Adding Security Intelligence to EKM - IBM Security QRadar and SafeNet KeySecure - Solution Brief

Modern networks have become so large and complex that they produce billions of data points daily and are increasingly difficult to protect. Encryption protects data in the event of a security breach but remains only as secure as the management surrounding the cryptographic keys. Protecting against abuse from privileged insiders adds an extra layer of complexity and administration to an already unwieldy set of enterprise security responsibilities.

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