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SafeNet Cipher Technology Partner Program - Global Guide

The SafeNet Cipher Technology Partner Program recognizes and supports business relationships with leading technology companies that enhance their products with SafeNet security solutions. SafeNet’s commitment to providing the integrated security functionality—along with technical, marketing, and business development support—is essential to give our Technology Partners the tools they need to realize new opportunities, extend their solutions, and build their businesses.

9 ways to enhance security in AWS - ebook

SafeNet Authentication Devices - Family Brochure

DataSecure Centralized Data Protection - Brochure

Ovum Authentication Service v3.3 SWOT

SafeNet cloud-based authentication services are relevant to both the service provider community and enterprise clients.

Data Center Encryption Survey - Executive Summary

Many want to make data center consolidation happen, but few have actually done so. While cloud offerings and virtualization have opened up a path for realizing the benefits of consolidation, many organizations are encountering significant hurdles in this journey. A SafeNet survey of more than 580 IT and security professionals explored these trends.

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