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Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Management Guide Book

What You Need to Know About Securing Healthcare Information Exchanges - Security Guide

High-Speed Encryption (HSE) eBook

High-speed Ethernet WANs are the answer to new applications and computing technologies that need increasing bandwidth. But did you know that securing your shiny new Ethernet WAN traffic will cost thousands of dollars more every month if you make the wrong choices? Download this 68 page ebook to learn more.

Configuration and Deployment Guide - ProtectV

Cloud computing and virtualized environments bring new opportunities and technologies that allow organizations to instantly expand storage, rollout new features, and subscribe to applications without building a new infrastructure or doing a forklift upgrade of your data center.

Security Guide - Compliance Challenges in the Consolidated Data Center

Given the broad and deep proliferation of virtualization technologies, and the ongoing mergers and acquisitions occurring across a range of industries, organizations are increasingly looking at the advantages of consolidating their data centers. This paper looks at the impact consolidation can have on an organization’s compliance efforts, the challenges that can arise, and the approach SafeNet provides to effectively address these challenges.

Security Guide - How Cloud Deployment Affects Compliance

Organizations that need to ensure ongoing compliance have to address several key requirements before they can migrate sensitive data to the cloud. This security guide explores the compliance challenges facing organizations that take on cloud deployment initiatives, the key requirements for keeping cloudbased data and resources protected and compliant, and the approach SafeNet provides to effectively address these objectives.

Security Guide - ProtectDrive eToken

The loss, theft, or misappropriation of the organization’s endpoint systems could expose sensitive corporate information such as intellectual property, personnel records or government secrets, producing disastrous effects for the organization. Full disk encryption, combined with an extra layer of security in the form of pre-boot authentication, can provide an integral layer of security against data loss, and can help address one of the most critical areas of exposure for an organization: unprotected files housing sensitive data.

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