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    After The Breach - Executive Overview - White Paper

    Highly visible security breaches and their subsequent impact in almost every industry have changed the way companies are thinking about and implementing security measures.

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    Data Security Confidence Index 2015

    Gemalto surveyed 900 IT decision makers to assess how confident they are in their companies’ abilities to prepare for and respond to a data breach Unfortunately, the Data Security Confidence Index (DSCI) found that while 71% of organizations have adjusted their security strategy, they are still focused on perimeter security.


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Security Solutions for Microsoft Applications - eBook

Since the modern era of computing, Microsoft Corporation has been a foundational provider of software applications organizations have relied on heavily to conduct all aspects of their businesses.

Mainframe Encryption and Key Management with PKWARE and Gemalto

PKWARE mainframe encryption couples with Gemalto’s SafeNet KeySecure key management appliance to offer an enterprise class security solution for IBM Mainframe z/OS operating environments.

A Comprehensive Guide to Securing Data with Database Encryption

Today’s enterprise security teams are being tasked with supporting a rapid expansion of database encryption use cases. This paper offers a detailed look at why the demand for database encryption is growing more critical and more challenging to contend with. The paper offers an overview of the key approaches required to address this increased demand, and it outlines the different types of encryption approaches—helping managers ensure they’re using the right tools for the right purposes. Finally, this paper offers a look at Gemalto’s portfolio of SafeNet Data Protection solutions, and reveals how these solutions enable security teams to address their database security objectives in an efficient, holistic manner.

Topics covered:

  • Why the Demand for Database Encryption is Growing, and Growing More Difficult

  • Determining How to Encrypt Database Data

  • Solutions for Protecting Select Columns in Databases

  • Solutions for Protecting the Entire Database File

  • Robust, Centralized Enterprise Key Management

License and Entitlement Management in the Era of the Internet of Things - White Paper

eToken 5100 - Product Brief

Petroleum Development Oman - Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service - Case Study

Petroleum Development Oman requires off-site employees to use two-factor authentication to access sensitive corporate resources. The oil and gas company first deployed SafeWord tokens, and recently upgraded 3500 users to Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service – a user-friendly solution with enhanced reporting and management.

SAS Using LDAP and RADIUS Protocol for Cisco ASA

This document describes how to configure Cisco ASA to work with SafeNet Authentication Service in RADIUS mode.

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