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    IDC Technology Spotlight - Software Monetization: Meeting Customer & Business Needs in a Changing Market

    As software use and delivery continue to evolve, so does the need for software vendors to monetize their offerings in a way that meets their own business goals and customer needs. This Technology Spotlight describes how software monetization models are changing and the ways in which software providers will need to adapt in order to support new monetization approaches. In addition, this document describes the products and services from SafeNet that help support various software monetization models, and it offers advice for software vendors looking for ways to monetize their product offerings.

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    Data Security Confidence Index 2015

    Gemalto surveyed 900 IT decision makers to assess how confident they are in their companies’ abilities to prepare for and respond to a data breach Unfortunately, the Data Security Confidence Index (DSCI) found that while 71% of organizations have adjusted their security strategy, they are still focused on perimeter security.


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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Mobile Security

This white paper covers how organizations can seize business opportunities presented by Bring Your Own Device while eliminating the associated risks.

eToken 5200 - Product Brief

Gemalto's SafeNet 5200 is a zero footprint, certificate-based USB authentication solution that provides users with secure access to Web-based applications and portals, SSL VPNs, and cloud applications from any computer without the need for client software.

Crypto Foundation Video

Lost or stolen keys could compromise an entire encryption infrastructure, so it’s important to establish a strong Crypto Foundation. 

SAM Using RADIUS Protocol for VMware Horizon 6

This document describes how to deploy multi-factor authentication (MFA) options in VMware Horizon 6 using SafeNet one-time password (OTP) tokens managed by SafeNet Authentication Manager configure VMware Horizon 6 to work with SafeNet Authentication Manager in RADIUS mode.

Using SAM as an Identity Provider for Drupal

This document describes how to configure SAML authentication in Drupal using SafeNet Authentication Manager as an identity provider.

Using RADIUS Protocol for Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect

Using RADIUS Protocol for Blue Coat ProxySG

This document describes how to configure Blue Coat ProxySG to work with SafeNet Authentication Manager in RADIUS mode.

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