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    Addressing Challenges in Software Protecting for .NET - White Paper

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    Data in Motion: Surveillance - Protect Your IP from Watching Eyes

    Join our webinar, "Surveillance: Protect Your IP from Watching Eyes," to learn more about the challenges of protecting data in motion and how they can be resolved.



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Mercury Insurance – KeySecure, ProtectApp, Tokenization Manager – Case Study

Mercury Insurance needed to implement encryption on legacy and proprietary systems, as well as install a FIPS-certified centralized encryption and key management solution that would interoperate with a variety of existing databases. KeySecure, in conjunction with ProtectApp and SafeNet Tokenization Manager, enabled Mercury to secure high-value data, centralize key management, achieve PCI DSS compliance, and maintain the high performance required to run a successful business.

Building a Trusted Foundation for the Internet of Things - Guidebook

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes an era in which uniquely identifiable devices are able to communicate within the existing Internet infrastructure—providing greater insight and control over elements in our increasingly connected lives. With an estimated 50 billion connected devices deployed across the globe by 2020, the promise of the Internet of Things is fast approaching.

Der Tagesspiegel - SAS - Case Study

IBM Security Access Manager and Luna SA Integration Guide

This document outlines the steps to configure and integrate IBM Security Access Manager with SafeNet HSM.

Ethernet WAN Encryption Solution Compared - White Paper

This White Paper describes the comparative security and performance benefits of Ethernet WAN data security solutions. We compare the benefits of Gemalto SafeNet Layer 2 high speed encryption hardware with integrated encryption using MACsec or TrustSec.

Sentinel EMS: Advanced Data Collection & Reporting - Feature Brief

Sentinel EMS features powerful data collection and reporting tools that allow you to gain visibility and valuable insight into prospects, customers, when your products are deployed, and how they are being used.

Envitrans Reduces Software Piracy & Expands Revenue with Sentinel LDK and Sentinel EMS - Case Study

For a software business, every instance of software piracy holds the potential for significant loss. Envitrans, a producer of scientific modeling software for the study of environmental issues, found itself losing money to illegal distribution of its software after the failure of several dongle-based software security solutions. Since switching to Sentinel LDK and Sentinel EMS, Envitrans has reduced piracy of its software and has increased revenue and operational efficiencies.

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