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SafeNet Multi-Domain eXchange (MDeX) - Product Brief

SafeNet’s MDeX System, an assured information sharing and cross domain solution, provides a reliable, secure, and configurable means of transferring information between domains for all Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and other sensitive operations. The MDeX System provides consistent Multi-Level Security (MLS) services regardless of interface protocols and data content filtering needs. It establishes a stable and verifiable framework in which business and mission managers can implement concurrent yet controlled information flows with various communities of interest and security domains. The system addresses business and mission information sharing needs by providing secure ingest, distribution, dissemination, and delivery of sensitive information.

SafeNet and ePlus Government - Product Brief

ePlus understands that your government agency operates in an ever-changing environment, and that budgets and priorities are subject to change. Our mission is to work with you to address these types of circumstances when they arise. We are able to help your prime contractors provide flexible payment plans should the need arise. ePlus has structured thousands of these programs for a wide variety of government agencies. This includes not only the timing and amounts of the payments but also contract terms and conditions that are acceptable.

MDeX System Architecture Details

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