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    White Paper - From Software Hack to Counterattack

    A software publisher's guide to protecting software products against the top 8 piracy threats

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    Addressing Challenges in Software Protecting for .NET - White Paper


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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Mobile Security

This white paper covers how organizations can seize business opportunities presented by Bring Your Own Device while eliminating the associated risks.

Survey of Authentication Technologies - White Paper

Protect Your Sensitive Data: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to deploy a unified and efficient data protection platform that can be leveraged to secure all data types residing in or moving between your physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments.

Unshare and Secure Sensitive Data - Encrypt Everything eBook

We live in a world of sharing, and sometimes we share a little more than we should. Of course, we’re not only referring to social media posts here; this also includes what is happening with your corporate data assets too.

With your organization’s sensitive data being stored, sliced and diced, and shared more than ever before, you must have a way to keep it safe, especially in cloud and multi-tenant environments. Approved users and processes need to be able to leverage the data that’s available, while you ensure any high-value, sensitive information, such as intellectual property, personally identifiable information, and company financials, remains on lock down wherever it resides. 

We call this unsharing your data, and in our free ebook, we outline the steps enterprises need to follow to unshare and protect your sensitive data. Read it today to learn the must-follow enterprise encryption best practices!

Breach Level Index Report - 2015 First Half Review

In all, 888 data breaches occurred in the first half of 2015, compromising 245.9 million records worldwide, according to the latest findings of the Breach Level Index. The number of breaches was relatively flat compared with the last six months of 2014 (892) but was up by 10% compared to the 803 data breaches in first half of 2014.

The report shows large, headline-grabbing data breaches continue to expose massive amounts of records. The biggest breach in the first half of this year, which scored a 10 on the Breach Level Index magnitude scale, was an identity theft attack on Anthem Insurance that exposed 78.8 million records. Read the report to learn more about the top breaches, the industries impacted most, the most prevalent types of breaches in the half, and much more.

Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service: A Fully Trusted Authentication Environment

This document presents how Gemalto addresses key security issues and the measures taken to ensure the security and robustness of SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) as a cloud service offering.

Gemalto SafeNet HSM and F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager Performance Testing Overview

This paper presents findings from testing of up to 10 Gemalto SafeNet HSMs with an F5 BIG-IP 7200 appliance running TMOS version 11.6, and recommendations based on the results.

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