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Gemalto SafeNet Encryption Connectors - Family Brochure

Encryption is a critical last line of defense because it applies protection directly to the data wherever it resides − in today’s distributed enterprise.

Authentication - Family Brochure

Organizations are facing new access control challenges as mobile devices become the computing platform of choice, as organizations rapidly adopt SaaS and cloud-based applications, and as threat vectors escalate.

Authentication Services - Brochure

SafeNet Authentication Service provides a cloud-based authentication solution that are easier to use and less expensive than traditional hardware token and manually-provisioned systems.

Data Encryption and Control - Brochure

Gemalto helps organizations move past silo constrained encryption and crypto management to centrally and uniformly deploy a data protection solution across the enterprise that scales as needs grow, while effectively controlling security policies.


Gemalto’s SafeNet Network Encryption Solution delivers the fastest initial setup, with no need for network reconfiguration, no need for routing table updates, and has no negative impact on network performance or architecture.

Gemalto SafeNet HSE - Delivering Data-in-Motion - Family Brochure

Data Protection Professional Services - Brochure

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