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Services Brief - Sentinel Cloud Services

Learn more about monetizing your cloud services with licensing and entitlement management.

How to Achieve a Cloud-Connected Experience Using On-Premise Applications - White Paper

The cloud is influencing how businesses wish to use and be charged for the software they acquire. Pay per use, metered pricing, or utility pricing are all considered consumption-based pricing models which align more closely with the desired customer experience and the way people wish to use their software today.

Sentinel Cloud Licensing - Leave Behind

The software industry has gone through a noticeable transformation over the last decades.

Inasoft Relies on SafeNet Sentinel for Secure Licensing of its SQL4automation Software and to Reduce Support Costs - Case Study

Switzerland-based Inasoft GmbH specializes in application development for industrial control in automation and the integration of PLC and robotic controllers with SQL databases. Inasoft recognized the need to replace its legacy protection and licensing technology to more fully monetize and strengthen security for its SQL4automation product investment. What the company discovered after implementing Sentinel, is that it would also help to reduce support costs and improve the customer experience.

Webinar - The Path to SaaS Profitability

Learn how to achieve software monetization in the cloud.

Webinar - SIIA Chris Holland Interview

This video indentifies and helps software vendors navigate the top potential obstacles (cloud-blocks) associated with delivering software as a service (SaaS).

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