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Security Enabling Monetization License and Entitlement Management in the Era of the Internet of Things - White Paper

Enhancing the functionality of solutions by creating new Internet of Things (IoT)-based applications is at the top of many OEMs’ priority lists. By harvesting and analyzing the big data from their intelligent embedded devices OEMs can create a host of new monetizable applications and services. Sounds good, but there are challenges.

Sentinel HL Migration Guide

Softing Industrial Automation Depends on SafeNet Sentinel to Secure its Intellectual Property and Copy Protect its dataFEED OPC Software Solutions - Case Study

Services Brief - Sentinel Cloud Services

Learn more about monetizing your cloud services with licensing and entitlement management.

How to Achieve a Cloud-Connected Experience Using On-Premise Applications - White Paper

The cloud is influencing how businesses wish to use and be charged for the software they acquire. Pay per use, metered pricing, or utility pricing are all considered consumption-based pricing models which align more closely with the desired customer experience and the way people wish to use their software today.

Sentinel Cloud Licensing - Leave Behind

The software industry has gone through a noticeable transformation over the last decades.

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