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Sentinel LDK EMS Powers Flexible On-Premise and On-Demand Licensing of Automotive CAN Tools for Schleißheimer GmbH - Case Study

Schleißheimer GmbH, a leading developer of hardware and software for microcontroller real-time systems for the automotive market, was using a third party software licensing technology to manage licensing of its CAN bus software.

University of Hannover Institute of Concrete Construction Uses Sentinel to License and Protect its SMMEXS Structural Test and Monitoring Software - Case Study

IDC - Supporting Software Business Transformation with Systems Designed for the Task

The IT industry is in the midst of a massive structural shift toward a next-generation compute platform characterized by a proliferation of always-connected smart mobile devices, coupled with the widespread usage of social networking, and layered over a cloud-based server infrastructure supporting important new workloads such as big data analytics. The 3rd Platform, as it is called, has massive scale, reaching trillions of IP-addressable "things" — devices, monitors, and sensors — and billions of users through millions of new applications and services with a potentially global user base and unlimited hardware resources. This Vendor Spotlight addresses these trends and discusses the role that SafeNet solutions play in addressing the challenges these trends pose.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish: The Fallacies of Choosing to Build a Software Monetization System & Why Commercial SLM Solutions Make Sense for Every Business, Including Yours

Software licensing and monetization (SLM) systems are designed to safeguard software-powered products from rampant piracy and counterfeiting, and streamline the business transaction process. The profitability and growth of software businesses hinge significantly on getting the monetization components right. However, too many software publishers believe that an investment in software management systems is an option rather than a business-critical imperative…This paper provides a deep-dive, objective analysis of the technical and business aspects that should inform a build-versus-buy decision for software monetization. This framework can be used to evaluate various software monetization product alternatives to choose the one that is best suited to deliver optimal TCO to your business.

Xsens Technologies Streamlines Operations & Expands Revenue with Sentinel - Case Study

Xsens is a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. To protect the sensitive IP contained in its software code and to guard against piracy, Xsens deployed a commercial software protection technology. Over time, the company realized that they needed a more robust solution. One that not only offered strong security for its IP, but also offered more comprehensive licensing and entitlement management capabilities to streamline operations and help grow its business. Xsens chose Sentinel.

Snell Protects Valuable IP and Streamlines Licensing Operations with Sentinel RMS & EMS - Case Study

When Snell, world leader in broadcast and post production technology, developed its new Snell On Demand Framework to address the needs of a rapidly changing market, the company sought a flexible but secure way to license its new technology while also protecting the valuable intellectual property contained in its software code. After careful consideration, the company chose Gemalto Sentinel to secure its competitive advantage, to power flexible and scalable licensing, and ultimately, to grow its business.

Siebel Customer Documentation

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