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Stryker Meets Market Demand, Streamlines the Back Office, and Reduces Costs with Sentinel

Once a traditional medical device manufacturer, Stryker Corporation, one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, had evolved to a maker of intelligent medical devices where the software it develops is an integral component to the operation and maintenance of the medical devices it brings to market.

Softing Industrial Automation Works with Gemalto Sentinel to Monetize the IoT - Case Study

Industrial communication technology is a highly competitive market with many global players. Among these Softing is a world-wide leading product and technology supplier. As part of its Internet of Things (IoT) activities, Softing recognized the need to implement a proven protection and licensing technology to strengthen security, guard intellectual property, and more fully monetize its end-user software products.

CadacGroup Standardizes on Sentinel EMS with Cloud Licensing for its SaaS and On-Premises Software Products - Case Study

After evaluating a number of licensing solutions, Cadac Group chose Gemalto’s Sentinel EMS with Cloud Licensing and is now reaping the rewards.

Miko Maximizes Software Revenue & Reduces Operational Expenses with Gemalto Sentinel - Case Study

Sentinel LDK EMS Powers Flexible On-Premise and On-Demand Licensing of Automotive CAN Tools for Schleißheimer GmbH - Case Study

Schleißheimer GmbH, a leading developer of hardware and software for microcontroller real-time systems for the automotive market, was using a third party software licensing technology to manage licensing of its CAN bus software.

University of Hannover Institute of Concrete Construction Uses Sentinel to License and Protect its SMMEXS Structural Test and Monitoring Software - Case Study

Xsens Technologies Streamlines Operations & Expands Revenue with Sentinel - Case Study

Xsens is a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. To protect the sensitive IP contained in its software code and to guard against piracy, Xsens deployed a commercial software protection technology. Over time, the company realized that they needed a more robust solution. One that not only offered strong security for its IP, but also offered more comprehensive licensing and entitlement management capabilities to streamline operations and help grow its business. Xsens chose Sentinel.

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