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GeoID Maps the World, Protecting and Managing their Innovative Visualization Software with Sentinel LDK - Case Study

GeoID develops software for the 3D GIS and landscape visualization market.

ANM Improves Back office Efficiencies with Sentinel LDK-EMS - Case Study

ANM is a rapidly growing civil and structural engineering services and construction company based in India. The company was looking to better control the distribution of their software, improve back-office operations and reduce the calls to technical support. With Sentinel LDK EMS, ANM was able to solve all of their major concerns and then some!

Gyan Era Relies on SafeNet Sentinel - Case Study

To assure revenue for its Prismart video software and content, Gyan Era Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was determined to find a way to protect and license its valuable intellectual property investment. To better serve its market, the company also sought a way to offer its Prismart e-learning videos to schools on a subscription basis. In its diligent quest to find a solution, Gyan Era Learning Solutions found SafeNet Sentinel LDK/EMS/HL Time and hasn’t looked back.

Inasoft Relies on SafeNet Sentinel for Secure Licensing of its SQL4automation Software and to Reduce Support Costs - Case Study

Switzerland-based Inasoft GmbH specializes in application development for industrial control in automation and the integration of PLC and robotic controllers with SQL databases. Inasoft recognized the need to replace its legacy protection and licensing technology to more fully monetize and strengthen security for its SQL4automation product investment. What the company discovered after implementing Sentinel, is that it would also help to reduce support costs and improve the customer experience.

SAUTER Implements Sentinel EMS and RMS - Case Study

When SAUTER was looking to standardize their global licensing strategy, they knew who they could trust. A longtime SafeNet customer, SAUTER implemented Sentinel EMS and RMS to achieve the robust protection and flexibility that they needed. With Sentinel EMS and RMS, SAUTER can rest assured that their highly valuable building & energy management & embedded device software is protected and their back office is running smoothly.

Siemens Maximizes ROI Using Sentinel - Case Study

Energy automation, and substation automation in particular, is a highly competitive market with many global players. With increasing price pressures, higher product volumes, and increasing project requirements driving the need for more features, Siemens Energy Automation recognized the need to replace its legacy protection and licensing technology to more fully monetize and strengthen security for its SICAM product investments.

BlackCat Networld SL Implements Sentinel SL to Protect and Monetize their Unique Educational Software - Case Study

BlackCat Networld SL is a leader in the B2B educational sector in Spain. With consistent changes made to automotive training, the company needed to ensure that they could quickly and easily deliver updates to their customers. For the past three years, BlackCat Networld SL has trusted SafeNet Sentinel SL to protect and monetize their software.

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