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Overcoming Java Vulnerabilities - White Paper

Overcoming Java Vulnerabilities to Code Manipulation, Reverse Engineering and Theft White Paper

White Paper - Navigating the Top 6 Challenges of Cloud Service Delivery

Navigating the Top 6 Challenges of Cloud Service Delivery White Paper - For Enterprise organizations, utilization of software as a service (SaaS) applications means easier budgeting, faster deployment, and reduced risk. For cloud service providers and established on-premise software publishers, SaaS presents a new opportunity to give customers what they want—while ensuring recurring revenue streams and exploring new markets.

How to Achieve a Cloud-Connected Experience Using On-Premise Applications - White Paper

The cloud is influencing how businesses wish to use and be charged for the software they acquire. Pay per use, metered pricing, or utility pricing are all considered consumption-based pricing models which align more closely with the desired customer experience and the way people wish to use their software today.

White Paper - How to get Software Licensing right the first time

In spite of a difficult economic climate, the software industry and technology in general have fared okay. In many cases, it is because these software companies have been able to help their end users cut costs through flexibility in licensing their software products – either as a service or through subscription or pay-per-use models.

5 Key Steps to SaaS Enablement: A Technical Guide for Moving On-premise Software to the Cloud

This paper explores those challenges and then presents key planning, architectural design and implementation considerations for migrating on-premise software to the cloud. Using best practices gained from many successful migrations and a case study example, you will learn a step-by-step process for successfully migrating your on-premise software to the cloud and fully monetizing your SaaS product investment.

4 Steps to an Effective Embedded Software Monetization Strategy - White Paper

Examples of embedded systems abound, ranging from small hand-held mobile devices such as a smart phones and tablets to automotive applications that control engine management or anti-lock braking systems and infotainment systems.

White Paper - Frost & Sullivan - Get Connected to Profit: Embracing Software Propels Growth in IoT Era

Device Vendors Must Transform into Software Companies or Become Obsolete. A Frost & Sullivan thought leadership white paper, sponsored by Gemalto. Author: Avni Rambhia, Industry Principal, Digital Transformation, Frost & Sullivan

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