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Sentinel LDK - Family Brochure

Sentinel® is the most trusted brand in the software industry for secure, flexible, and future-proof software monetization solutions.

Sentinel EMS Oracle Connector - Solution Brief

Establishing a strong interface between the system that generates and manages your software licensing and entitlements, and your Oracle ERP system is a vital part of any successful licensing solution and can provide invaluable insight into your customers.

Feature Brief - Embedded Software Monetization Guide

Today’s embedded appliances are rapidly shifting to architectures that combine standardized hardware with more and more sophisticated software. This shift to software-based intellectual property is enabling more flexible and competitive pricing in an increasingly global, although mature, market. This shift to software-based intellectual property also brings with it many new and unfamiliar risks for intelligent hardware vendors, such as vulnerability to counterfeiting, piracy, and device tampering. It also calls for an entirely new product pricing, packaging, and management strategy then typically applied to a traditional hardware business.

Sentinel Embedded - Quick Reference Guide

SafeNet offers Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions tailored specifically to protect and manage software embedded within any piece of hardware – from networking appliances and medical devices to mobile handsets and industrial automation equipment. These offerings provide device and equipment manufacturers with all the tools they need to effectively protect their products from tampering and reverse engineering while also opening up an entirely new world of packaging and opportunities to maximize profitability.

Embedded Software Monetization Guide

Beyond the transition to software-focused embedded systems, developers are facing a shift from tightly coupled hardware and software to a combination of off-the-shelf hardware running solution-specific software. Software is gradually becoming a more important part of an embedded system’s intellectual property value. Causing pure-play hardware vendors to effectively become software vendors while surfacing numerous challenges upon their doorstep.

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