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The SafeNet Brand

Consider for a minute the ubiquity of information in our lives.

Information is everywhere - it's the intellectual property that goes into how your favorite coffee brand is made, it's the personal details that identify you when you bank online, and it's the business that's conducted behind the instantaneous download of your favorite music. The way that information is being created, accessed, shared and moved continues to transform our lives and the way the world does business.

And SafeNet is at the center of that information, protecting and managing it throughout its lifecycle, ensuring that organizations can continue to develop new products, drive new services, maintain competitive advantage, increase efficiencies and improve collaboration. 

For the past 27 years, SafeNet has been trusted to protect the most sensitive information in the world.  As we continue to grow, with more resources, more ingenuity, and greater intellectual advantage, we evolve our brand while remaining solely focused on information as the heart of business.

The SafeNet brand reflects the ubiquity of information, its critical role in the evolution of business, and our mission to help organizations persistently protect and control information however it needs to be used, both today and in the future.

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