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Software Copy Protection

To ensure you get paid for every software copy being used, Sentinel HASP employs the 128-bit algorithm. This creates a robust link between the software application and Sentinel HASP Protection Key – preventing software piracy and ensuring authorized use of the software.

During runtime the protected software sends encrypted strings to the protection key (HASP HL or HASP SL) which decrypts the strings and produces a response that cannot be imitated. If the response from the protection key is correct, the application will run. If the protection key is not present or the response from the key is incorrect, the application will not run.

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You can use more than 64,000 encryption keys when protecting your software. This enables unique security for every application, module, and feature and ensures that the HASP SL software-based protection doesn't compromise the security of HASP HL hardware-keys.

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