Sentinel EMS

A scalable enterprise software license and entitlement management solution

Sentinel EMS is a Web-based solution that provides software publishers with a centralized tool for all license and entitlement management functions, a simple interface to their back office systems, and a variety of advanced data collection and reporting functions. These features enable customers to improve business operations thereby enhancing the end-user experience and maximizing profitability.

Fully integrated with Sentinel RMS but architected to support any licensing system, Sentinel EMS provides customers with a means to centrally manage disparate licensing systems and offer a single, consistent interface to employees, partners, and end users for managing their software licenses. The system’s simple, feature-focused design and compatibility with modern technologies makes Sentinel EMS easy to deploy and use for software publishers, their partners, and end-users alike.

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Operating Systems

  •  Windows 7.0 and Windows 8.0
  •  Windows XP (x86 and x64) 
  •  Windows server 2003, 2008 

Java Runtime Environment

  •  Java Runtime Environment (JRE 7 update 5)
  •  Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  •  Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) 4.5

Apache Tomcat 7 Server

  •  Apache Tomcat 7 as a server or service 

Microsoft SQL server 2005/2008  (you may install on either a local or remote computer)

  •  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 x86/x64
  •  Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition x86/x64 (must be enabled for remote connections)
  •  Microsoft SQL Enterprise 2008 x86/x64
  •  Microsoft SQL Enterprise 2008 R2 x86/x64

Web Browser

  •  Internet Explorer (32 bit) versions 7,8,9
  •  Mozilla Firefox (32 bit) version 13 onwards
  •  Google Chrome (32 bit) version 20 onwards
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Centralized License Management Interface
Sentinel EMS enables software publishers to improve lifecycle management capabilities, reduce support costs, and enhance the end-user experience by offering a single, consistent interface to employees, partners, and end-users alike for managing software licensing rights and entitlements. The system features a role-based vendor portal, increased visibility for partners and distributors, and a self-service end-user portal. Easily place end user portal outside your organization’s firewall while keeping your internal ISV portal within your secure network.

Simplification of Licensing & Fulfillment Functions
Sentinel EMS enables customers to simplify manual, time-consuming operational, compliance, and reporting functions throughout the entire license lifecycle. Automation of licensing fulfillment, activation, and management processes enables customers to maximize profitability and improve business operations. With Sentinel EMS customers can create and allocate batches of entitlements for future activation to retailers and distributions in a single run, reducing production costs and empowering distributors to operate more independently than before.

Product Activation & Entitlement Data Collection & Reporting
Through its data collection and reporting features, Sentinel EMS allows ISVs to accurately forecast their renewal, upgrade, and budgeting figures, as well as determine how products are being deployed and used. Collecting registration data provides direct access to your customers. By tracking entitlements and monitoring activation trends, sales, marketing, and product management can better address customer needs. EMS even allows you to send automated emails to pre-designated customers about promotions, patches, upgrades and renewals. Proactively remind end-users to renew and upgrade their products, alleviating service disruptions and churn.

Flexible System Integration
Fully integrated with Sentinel RMS but architected to support any licensing system, Sentinel EMS provides customers with a means to centrally manage disparate licensing systems and offer a single, consistent interface to employees, partners, and end-users for managing their software licenses. With Sentinel EMS you can integrate directly into your back office CRM and ERP systems or you can leverage a modern inter-system communication implementation like an ESB.

A Complete Enterprise Software Licensing & Management Solution with Sentinel RMS
When combined with Sentinel RMS, the company’s industry-leading enterprise license enablement solution, Sentinel EMS provides a complete solution for license management and enforcement. Sentinel RMS is a robust licensing toolkit focused on flexibility and scalability. RMS provides support for any desired license model from single seat, concurrent, and metered to service oriented models. Designed to manage features and capabilities in hardware systems as well as corporate network applications, Sentinel RMS is deployed by some of the industry’s largest enterprise software vendors and equipment manufacturers alike. Additionally, RMS features support for a broad range of operating systems and platforms.

Sentinel EMS SAP Connector
Establishing a strong interface between the system that generates and manages your software licensing and entitlements, and your SAP ERP system is a vital part of any successful licensing solution and can provide invaluable insight into your customers.

In the past with no link between these two systems—inefficiencies and manual work was created for SAP users in associating customers with their software license entitlements.  Now with the availability of the Sentinel EMS SAP Connector, associating SAP info with entitlement IDs has never been easier.

The SAP Connector for Sentinel EMS is a simple, yet powerful add-on that provides software publishers with an instant “out-of-the-box” connection between SAP and the Sentinel EMS system.

Sentinel Professional Services  and Technical Support
The SafeNet Professional Services team is available to help you plan for and implement the Sentinel software license and management package that fits your needs, allowing you to fully realize its benefits in an optimal timeframe. The SafeNet Technical Services organization provides worldwide telephone, e-mail and Internet-based support to our customers. Our SafeNet Service Guarantee ensures that you consistently receive the highest level of service.

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