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Sentinel RMS

The industry's most flexible, end user friendly license management solution

Sentinel RMS is a robust license enforcement and enablement solution providing software and technology vendors with control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used. Focused on scalable and flexible license management, RMS is ideal for applications deployed in medium to large scale enterprise environments.

RMSdemo Implementation of RMS provides a tie-in to software licensing agreements in order to enforce the terms and conditions by which you manage your products. In addition to reducing the risk of piracy, RMS enables you to easily offer a variety of license models to flexibly price and package your products.

When combined with Sentinel EMS, SafeNet’s enterprise-oriented, Web-based management system, Sentinel RMS provides a complete solution for license management and software license enforcement.

Sentinel RMS is deployed by industry-leading enterprise software vendors and high-tech device manufacturers alike. Click here to read case studies documenting our customers’ successes with Sentinel RMS.

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Platform Support: 

  • Microsoft Windows 
  • Linux
  • Apple Macintosh
  • Sun Solaris
  • HP UX

Sentinel Codecover support includes enhanced security for the pure Microsoft .NET applications.

All RMS platforms include support for both 32 and 64-bit environments.

Please contact your local SafeNet office for further technical specifications.

Sentinel Caffe, a Java-based programming framework, is available to alleviate the overhead of building and maintaining separate JNI layers for each supported platform.

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Flexible Software License Enforcement

RMS enables software vendors to easily offer a variety of software licensing models to flexibly price and package software products, increasing revenue opportunities. With Sentinel RMS, you can easily meet sales leaders’ demands for new software licensing models without modifying your applications.

The RMS high-level APIs support the widest range of software license models in the industry. RMS supports any business model - from a variety of software evaluation models to standalone node-locked or network license deployments, as well as remote users. With RMS, you can easily implement feature-based licensing, as well as pay-per-use and floating licenses.

Best Customer Experience

Sentinel RMS provides the tools to ensure reliable end user experiences, such as Grace Period Licensing™  which ensures legitimate users are never denied access to their applications due to network outages. Additionally, redundant license servers also enable failover support and high availability for your enterprise customers.

Scalable Software Licensing Security

With Sentinel RMS, licensing can be enforced in a variety of ways, enabling you to control the level of transparency to end users. Software security can be easily adjusted at fulfillment, without having to incur any additional development costs.

RMS allows you to bind a license to either an out-of-the-box machine fingerprint, a SafeNet Software Licensing Hardware Key, or a custom-defined lock code. This offers complete flexibility with how applications can be bound to their installations.

Easy License Server Administration for Minimal Customer Disruption

End user frustration can quickly add up to high support costs and revenue leakage. With Sentinel RMS, licensing can be a flexible, painless experience, while ensuring software license compliance. For example, RMS includes an easy to install, cross-platform license server that requires no configuration.

Additionally, RMS provides useful license management tools to your customer. The Sentinel RMS License Manager incorporates Vendor Isolation functionality which allows end customers to manage their own instance of the RMS license manager on a machine alongside other license managers; this enables independent usage logging and ignores any global configurations such as environment variables to avoid any conflicts. RMS helps keep the honest user honest by providing vital information on license expirations and usage statistics. All licensing activity is automatically logged, ensuring end customers have permanent records. License server administration also gives the systems administrator real-time visibility to ongoing licensing activities.

Protect Once – Deliver Many™

Sentinel RMS separates the software protection process from the business aspects of licensing, enabling you to define new products and pricing strategies on-the-fly without engineering involvement. Because licensing parameters are set within the license, rather than the application, very few parameters need to be defined at implementation.

Software License Life Cycle Management with Sentinel EMS

When combined with Sentinel EMS, SafeNet’s enterprise-oriented, Web-based management system, Sentinel RMS provides a complete solution for license management and enforcement.

Sentinel EMS enables customers to simplify manual, time-consuming operational, compliance, and reporting functions throughout the entire license life cycle. EMS provides customers with a means to centrally manage disparate licensing systems and offer a single, consistent interface to employees, partners, and end users for managing their software licenses.

Professional Services & Technical Support

The SafeNet Professional Software Licensing Services team is available to help you plan for and implement Sentinel RMS, allowing you to fully realize its benefits in an optimal timeframe. The SafeNet Technical Services organization provides worldwide telephone, e-mail and Internet-based support to our customers. Our SafeNet Service Guarantee ensures that you consistently receive the highest level of service.

Java Based Programming Framework

Sentinel Caffe is available to alleviate the overhead of building and maintaining separate JNI layers for each supported platform.

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