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Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) - Authentication

Microsoft CA provides organizations with fully integrated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services, secure Intranet, Extranet, Virtual Private Network (VPN) eMail and network logon. Microsoft CA solutions can enable a number of security services needing strong authentication and non-repudiation of transactions. For example, Windows 2000 Smart Card logon requires a Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) configured with the enterprise policy module.


  • High-level security for users private credentials & digital certificates. Users can authenticate, encrypt, sign and decrypt electronic transactions with full confidence.
  • Two-factor authentication is enabled for a variety of network security applications, ensuring a high level of security through reliance on a hardware based USB device.
  • Private keys and certificates, stored on the eToken, operate transparently with any standard browser and any Microsoft CAPI supported application such as: eMail applications, VPN clients or network logon clients.



eToken enables users of the Microsoft CA to store or create private digital credentials inside the token, creating a secure environment and allowing full portability and maximum ease of use. eToken PRO can also perform sensitive on-chip operations, ensuring that users keys are never exposed to the PC environment. eToken eliminates the need to store certificates and keys on a hard disk, browser file or transmitted across the Internet/Extranet ensuring peace of mind and confidence during online communications.

You can strengthen
VPN security... protect data on laptops and PC's... get reliable Laptop Encryption... enhance network access security... simplify password management and password protection... benefit from true single sign-on... and much more, with the industry's broadest range of strong authentication solutions and devices.


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